Tiny Humans

Big personalities

So much fun in a little package

Introducing Tiny Humans—BIG PERSONALITY Sessions by Dolce Vita – where the magic of childhood meets the artistry of black and white photography. These studio sessions are crafted to capture the spontaneous brilliance of your child in a style that transcends time. Tiny Humans—BIG PERSONALITY sessions are anything but ordinary portraits, instead these dynamic snaps distill the energy, curiosity, and radiance of your little one. Every shot is an unscripted moment of genuine magic—no gimmicks, props or swag, just the enchantment of your child's personality indelibly captured so you can savor these precious moments for years to come.

Sessions take about 15-20 minutes (because let's be honest, little ones can't handle any longer than that) and result in anywhere from 20-50+ playful high res B&W digital files. You also receive a $50 print credit because we want to be sure these images end up in your home, not just on your hard drive.

2024 In-studio session price: $250

Note: 2 children requires 2 time slots.

  3+ siblings - $200 for each additional child


What ages do you suggest for this type of session?

We use the term Tiny Humans liberally as that's what we've always called our kiddos. But there really isn't an age max for a playful black and white portrait session. If this style of session will suit your needs for a quick headshot or a playful batch of social media images—by all means—let's play!

Can I get multiple kids into one session?

No. Each session is dseigned for an individual child, though I am happy to book multiple children back-to-back and offer a discounted rate for sibling sessions. Once we know we've nailed their individual shots I'll do my best to try and get some of them together, but what makes these Tiny Humans Big Personality sessions really shine is the individuality of your child and letting your little one's personality and silly side come out to play. This is often easiest (as you probably know as a parent of multiples) if that child gets to take centerstage on their own.

Where can I print my images?

Each session comes with a gallery of high-resolution digital files and a print credit to order professional quality prints directly from your gallery. You can also download the files and print where you choose.

Do you photograph in color?

For other types of portraits—yes! You can see my other offerings under the photography tab. But for these quick playful sessions I only offer them in black and white as that is what gives them their timeless nature.

Interested in booking a session?

Please fill out the form and I'll be in touch to schedule!