“Life goes by in a blur. Let me help you focus, for a few minutes, on what matters most.”

The story of a photographer

Hi, I'm Lauren, but everyone calls me Elle. I'm a multi-passionate creative with a background in Public Relations, Marketing and Design, but with a passion for photography. My whole life I've had a camera in my hand. It started as an interest as a child with my mom's old Minolta, became a hobby in high school, a passion in college and a life-long obsession ever since. I've always loved the challenge of capturing someone's emotions and personality in an image, capturing a very specific moment, a feeling, or a mood. To me, photographs have always been a special way to hold on to memories from distant countries traveled, friendships made, and the people I love.

Moments are fleeting. Every photo captures something special—a moment in time that we can't ever get back. And in that moment, while you may feel like you're not skinny enough, or not pretty enough—it never seems to fail that you can look back at photos and be glad that it captured a moment in time. In any case, you'll either look back and appreciate how fabulous and young you really were, or can appreciate the journey and how far you've come.

I firmly believe in capturing the moments, big and small, because your photographs become a chronicle of your life. Each of those moments and people are special and sculpt your life. For me, I'm grateful for the opportunity to chronicle these moments with you. Because in the blink of an eye so much changes. Take for example the photos below. My engagement, marriage, my son's first Christmas, and the arrival of my daughter. This was all in the course of a few years, but each of them are precious moments that I'm so thankful I can remember with such beauty and precision.

Life goes by in a blur. Let me help you focus, for a few minutes, on what matters most.

photo by Great Romance Photography

photo by Great Romance Photography

photo by Dolce Vita

photo by Lauren Dixon Photography

client love

Alyson Nuno

“You did such amazing job with that shoot. I have never felt beautiful in photos or liked the way that I’ve been photographed. You’re the only photographer who has ever made me feel confident. I’ll be 70 years old with those photos as my profile pic.”

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